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Boudoir & Low Light Photography

Boudoir & Low Light Photography

Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the ‘perfect body,’ it comes from embracing the one you already have. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin, & knowing & accepting who you are. Part of making this happen, is allowing the people around us to truly be themselves & do what they love without the fear of judgement. Allow people to be expressive & have a voice - empower them & encourage them.
 Lilli Steele - Artist Model   @lillisteele.artist

Unleash your inner goddess...

Too many gorgeous woman in the world today are stuck in a loop fighting body image issues. I love helping every day people see the beauty in themselves and taking photos that blow them away . My boudoir work is all about “you celebrating you "unleashing your inner goddess”

I work with you over a 2-3 hr photo session to uncover your magic and make you feel and look beautiful.

These sessions are for “real woman” – yes with the odd lump & bump.  Our talent is for you to leave the session with a smile on your face and to be blown away with the images you will receive a week later. Boudoir shoots usually include shoots in a bedroom (Boudoir) setting and occasionally other domestic settings. Often we will include  low light (shadow) genres photography as well.  

Bring your sexy lingerie, high heels, favourite outfit/s that make you feel gorgeous and let's create some magic.

Great boudoir is all about art, implied sex and body form - not explicit. If you are comfortable it will involve semi-nude and nude images. We want to ensure you feel safe, relaxed and confident so you are always in control of your shoot.

Low Light & Body Form

Low Light Photography

Low Light photography is essentially playing with light and shadows.  It's great for highlighting and hiding parts of the body. Many of our images in the body form gallery use this method of lighting.

What you get

• A great few hours having fun and a giggle, leaving feeling more confident, in control and excited to see the resulting photographs

• Up to 10 hours sorting and editing

• 20-60 Images– full resolution digital images


Location Fee

We are flexible on location as we have portable lighting, options include:

- Your location (no location fee),  Studio (studio fees apply) or our home studio (no fee)

- If you provide a location, remember the photographer needs room to create magic. Tight  crowded spaces will not produce the quality result you and the Photomark team  want.

Services Fee (see free TFP option below)

$500 inl. gst 

Trade For Print (TFP) Option

At Photomark's discretion  we regularly offer a TFP option. Which basically means you get images for free and  we get to use and share images for our promotion purposes.

Hair and Makeup

No hair and makeup services are currently offered so please arrive at photo shoot session with these already done.

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