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The PhotoMark team are always on the look out for interesting glamour shoots.  We have portable lighting  for location shoots, so give as a challenge. If your project takes our fancy, we may offer to do it as TFP (Trade For Prints - free) shoot. 

Current new projects we are looking for in Tauranga-BOP region include:

- Glamour outdoor shoots 

- Boudoir /low light

- Sports people profiles

- Fitness shoots (low light and location)

- Product photography

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Boudoir & Low Light

Celebrating body form and playing with light

Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the ‘perfect body,’ it comes from embracing the one you already have. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin & knowing & accepting who you are. Part of making this happen, is allowing the people around us to truly be themselves & do what they love without the fear of judgement. Allow people to be expressive & have a voice - empower them & encourage them. Lilli Steele - Artist Model @lillisteele.artist

More information on boudoir/low light shoots


Sports / Fitness Profiles

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